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2-vinylphenylboronic acid

Chemical structure of 2-vinylphenylboronic acid

Molecular Formula: C8H9BO2

Molecular Weight: 147.969 g/mol

Cas Number: 15016-42-9


Melting Point: 108-109 ºC

Boiling Point: n/a

Density: n/a

Refractive Index: n/a

Synthesis Reference(s) for 2-vinylphenylboronic acid

1) Journal of Organic Chemistry, 1962, vol. 27, p. 2598-2603
2) Journal of Organic Chemistry, 1961, vol. 26, p. 1271-1273
3) Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2001, vol. 66, №21, p. 7148-7150

Synonym Chemical Name(s) for 2-vinylphenylboronic acid

2-vinylbenzeneboronic acid
o-vinylbenzeneboronic acid
(2-vinylphenyl)boronic acid
2-vinylbenzene boronic acid
(2-ethenylphenyl)boronic acid

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